Since I had some personal family business to take care of, I got behind on things. And then some linking problems with my website hosting company. That has been a constant problem. Grrr!
 Two artists are sharing the spot light for Artist of the Month this time around.
Click the band name to go to the ARTIST OF THE MONTH page




January 2017 (Days Indoors)  February 2017 (Shake Hands Eric)

March 2017 (Kevin Roberts)      April 2017 (ConquestMetal)



Most Requested Artist of the Year 2016:   (Billy K Band)



January 2016      February 2016  (Billy K Band)      March 2016 (Corners of Sanctuary) April 2016  (Seeker)    May 2016 (Bailout)     June 2016  (November)
July 2016   (Circle of Reason)     August 2016 (Conquest)     September 2016  (Downfall 2012)     October 2016 (Spaceship Days)     November 2016  (Stamina)     December 2016     (Nicky Barot)

These artists were the most requested artist the prior month from above listed month.

They are Artist of the Month as listed above.

One of their songs start off my show each week during the month listed above.

They are a contender for Artist of the Year 2016.

(c) 2012 Diamondz

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4 thoughts on “ARTIST OF THE MONTH

  1. I am so very Honored to have known ~Bill Kelley~ for a long time now and have got to love his Music and just as Honored to call him my dear friend. Congratulations Bill for becoming February 2016 Artist of the Month, you earned it as well as deserve it. *Smiles*.


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