The end of spring training/conditioning

Today was the last day of Spring Training/Conditioning (football filler for spring semester)


Picking a sweet watermelon

Juicy details on watermelon!

How to find a sweet, red watermelon. A lopsided melon will have underdeveloped seeds, which means less sugar, no flavor. Turn the melon over and look at it’s belly, the spot where it sat. If it’s white, put it back. You want yellow like butter. The stem, should have a black ring around the base. That blackness is crystallized sugar. Sweetness! 😀 Sometimes you’ll fine beads of black crystallized sugar on the rind as well. If you are out for a personal size melon, pick it up & hold it like a basketball. It should feel hard as rock. Picking a regular seedless melon, hold it in one hand and thump it. Not for the sound but the sensation. A solid watermelon will vibrate. Oh and always wash your melon before cutting. Remember, they grow in dirt.

Source 5/25/14
– Dave Johnson/Staff, Bay Area News Group

Ready, Set, Go! Live 6/6/14

So excited…ready to go 6/6/14. The .com site has been updated, new show name & sites, new shout box for some show time fun & more. Just have to activate the stream, get a new intro/exit theme & new IDs. Everything will be mobile friendly so you can be part of things & listen anytime, anywhere! Please show some love!

Sierra LaMar case

Sierra LeMar case – this hits home as close as it can get. I feel so sorry for her and her family. So sad to see things like this happen. Hope there is legit proof and things are resolved soon. As to the suspected killer, keyword is “suspected,” yeah DNA may have linked him to her, but what proof is there that he “killed” her? None, it’s just a missing persons case as no body has been found. So seeking the death penalty will be hard. I hope the right justice is done. No body has been found in area which makes me wonder if the suspect has her being held up somewhere by someone that no one has been able to link to the suspect. They should check family, friends, co-workers, anyone he has been associated with. She is around somewhere. Can’t imagine not being able to find her, dead or alive.

A dream I had last night, lol.

Here is a dream I had last night while listening to “When I Think About” by John Taglieri. Crazy funny. lmao!

I suggested a video idea for the song & John went for it, and let me be in it, since I came up with the brilliant idea, lol. To make a long story as possible…. It was staged on a beach in the Hawaiian Islands. John was on the beach playing the song while I was lounging in the sun with my IPod in my ears with the song playing. While I was laying there nap dreaming, Colin Kaepernick & some football friends were playing football and he way over threw the receiver. Ha! The ball landed on me, scared me and woke me up. Colin, with an “oops” look on his face, was looking over me kinda wanting his football back. I took a sharpie (yeah I carry one with me, lol…not really) & wrote my # on the football with “call me” on it. He looks, walks away. My phone rings, no idea who it is but I answer it. It was Colin. I look around for him, he’s walking back to his friends as he is looking at & calling me. He says “Tonight, Tiki Lounge 8:00.” And so we meet up, great night. Quick clips of us in Vegas & Hawaii on several vacations. I’ll stop there. lol. I wake up & look around. No Colin, his friends or even John was around. Beach was empty. lol. End of video. But the whole time filming this video, a lot of flub ups, it was funny. I had never laughed so hard in my life. Colin was a real goodball. And his friend “Rhino” aka Alex Boone got on set and did a prank. lol. Scared the living day lights out of me, I fell off the lounge chair onto the sand. lol. Alex is well known for his pranks. lol.

And there it is summed up. Ha!