To listen to current or past shows, go here.

My weekly show is available each weekend. I will send out a post when it available. Check my Facebook or Twitter pages.  I cater to the independent and/or unsigned artists.

Genres: rock, metal, country, southern rock, alternative, pop rock, and similar. No elevator, hard core rap, speed metal, techno, funky stuff, etc.

If you want to hear an artist , regular requests can be made anytime by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram text or voicemail (408) 868-7639 & email. If I have their music I’ll play it. If not I’ll have to contact them.

Artists wanting airplay see music submission below and read in full.

Music Submission:
I can only accept music by the artist, their record label, pr agent, or management. Please use the following guidelines:

1. MP3 Format
2. Please make sure  music is labeled correctly (artist name – song title). I do not have time to correct music labels.
2. Direct download from email attachment is preferred method or send to my dropbox  using my email above (2 GB max).
3. If you use another method for sending music, please use a method that allows access to the link longer than 7 days. A week  or less is cutting it too close. I try real hard to download music once a week, usually weekends. I usually miss stuff sent early in the week. Sometimes due to situations beyond my control it may be a little longer before I can get to it. I try to get to it as fast as I can.

EXISTING/ESTABLISHED ARTISTS WITH ME:  You know the routine. Always feel free to send new music at anytime.  Make sure you have my new contact as info changed a while ago.Send new music here. (THIS IS FOR ARTISTS ALREADY ESTABLISHED WITH ME. NEW ARTISTS SEE BELOW!)

NEW ARTISTS TO ME: Acceptable music genres are Rock, Metal, Alternative, pop rock Southern/Country-Rock & similar.

On rare occasion I will accept new instrumental and beats artists, but basically have stopped. Prefer music with vocals. Just sticking with the longtime existing instrumental artists.

Other possibilities are pop-rock, hip-hop or rap w/a rockish twist, anything with a rockish twist. Not really my genre, but the rockish twist gives it more of a chance.

Definitely no new world, barking/screamo, nothing funky, no hardcore rap/hip-hop, techno, dance, etc. it’s not me.

To protect me, you & your music, Please first submit a private message with a listen link to where I can check out your music. Submit  at MY FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM PAGES. If it fits my format, you will be directed to email music files in MP3 format.

I believe in the protection of myself, all artists n’ their music. No music is used unauthorized; I do not file share! However, I can not be responsible for anything being sent without my prior knowledge or ok, or if the submission was done out of said guidelines.

* ALL ARTISTS: all music must be in MP3 format and please have music labeled correctly (artist-song title). I do not have the time, nor should I have to fix your music. It must be able to read that way in a player when being played.  I need to know what I am playing & listeners need to know what they are listening to as well.

To protect myself and the artist & their music, music can only be sent by the artist themselves or a legal representative.

disclaimer:  I have the right to decline any submission at any time, for any reason.  I have the right to request resubmissions (corrections to mislabeled music).  If the above guidelines are not followed in full, you may be notified for corrections or I am automatically released of any liability due to submission being sent wrong or without my prior authorization. 

(c) 2012 Diamondz

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3 thoughts on “RADIO SHOW

  1. Sorry just now saw this. Didn’t realize all he aired can take comments, lol. Thanks for message. However the music doesn’t fit my format. Thanks for the inquiry tho’. Keep it up 😀 😏


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