Mentally ill are allowed to run amuck in Cali

WTF? I thought Cali closed all the mental health facilities years ago? Just found out Cali has 7 mental illness hospitals…but they are only for sex offenders, jailed inmates. 😳 what about those that have killed & get away with it b/c of their mental health? Or someone that is capable of a future fatal incident? There are too many mentally ill people in public circulation that should be committed. This state is seriously messed up. I live in fear every day from someone that goes without care/help. Their psychologist is mentally ill as well I found out & he does nothing to help, just makes things worse 😠😤


10/26/13 Mom talks football

I thought 2 of our last 3 games will be tough, but looking at last night’s haps, not so worried. Yeah we still have to step it up a notch these last 3 weeks, but we very well can come out as the top dog.

One team last night had had 3 failed kicks so we know their special teams is nothing to worry about. Our defense has gotta stop their offense. Their offense has earned 261 points, defense gave up 107. Most games have been low scoring & close. Only 3 of 7 games have been high scoring (and shutouts). They are 6-1-0 overall; 3-1-0 league (ranked #3 in div). We stand a very good chance but we gotta work hard and be tough.

The next team is 6-1-0 overall, 4-0 league (ranked #1 in div). They had a 2 failed kicks, failed pass & run. Special teams no worries. Offense has 284 points & defense gave up 120. Only 2 of 7 games have been high scoring, low opponent scoring.

We are pretty much right up there with both teams 5-2-0 overall & 4-0-0 league (ranked #2 in div). Points wise, our offense earned 255 & defense only gave up 49 points. 4 of 7 games high scoring (2 shutouts). We are on fire. Statically & physically we are the better team. Our only 2 losses were pre-season (non-league) games & we only lost by 23 points combined (28-14; 19-10), not bad at all.

The 3rd team, not worried at all. They were one of the top dogs to worry about in the past many times, but this season has not gone well for them. 3-4-0 overall; 2-2-0 league (ranked 4th in div). Their offense earned 254 points & defense gave up 143, but it hasn’t been enough to win more & rank higher.


Rank School OA DIV PE PG
1 Milpitas 6-1 4-0 284 120
2 Los Gatos 5-2 4-0 255 49
3 Wilcox 6-1 3-1 261 107
4 Palo Alto 3-4 2-2 254 144


– mom (#DLS)

NFL needs to be more responsive & take appropriate action!

Dear NFL,
A lot of players are very corrupt & vindictive. Sucks the fun out of football. It’s just a game, not survival reality. No need to threaten someone’s life & take them out. Anyone who behaves in such an inappropriate way should be heavily fined and reasonably suspended according to the severity of action & result on the victim. Anyone who has continued history of such behavior should be permanently removed from the NFL. Threatening someone’s well being as several players have is serious & shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Illusion (10/19)

Funny how illusion works. You don’t know if it’s an illusion if you don’t know reality. And since we are taught that illusion is reality and reality is illusion, it’s no wonder we are deluded about illusion.

When I give up my illusions, what’s left? Reality.

I don’t ask for much. Just have common sense, be reasonable & communicate!

As I have said b4, COMMUNICATE w/me & let me know if you can’t do something. I don’t care why, that is your business. Just tell me you can’t do it and I am cool with that. PM, text or email me to let me know. Don’t post a message on your sites expecting me to see it b/c I won’t. I don’t chase people down & I do not babysit. Your responsibility to let me know. And I am connected with a lot people and the feed moves fast. Things are gonna get missed. And as I am trying to read through the feed, a ton more are constantly posting, therefore causing the feed to move and skip, then I miss even more. Please get ahold of me!

Extra long weekend special each & every weekend at ddiamondzzz radio

🎶 Extra long weekend special 🎶

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Mr. President explain to the kids why our gov’t is so screwed up! We can’t live like this!

Mr. President, please explain to my young child & all the other kids out there why in a few years they won’t be able to get a job, afford healthcare insurance or live in their own country. Education is messed up enough as well. I am an adult, mid life, and it just gets worse & worse. I can barely afford to live in my own country, let alone stay healthy and I have a child to care for. How do I tell my child we can’t do some things anymore b/c money is tied up else where thanks to you messing things up?