Artist of the Year 2016

The following 12 artists have been the Most Requested Artist & Artist of the Month through out 2016. They now are up for Artist of the Year. More details (and a voting poll) coming for the final show of 2016.
Jan 2016 Billy K Band  

Feb 2016 Corners of Sanctuary 

March 2016 Seeker 

April 2016 Bailout

May 2016 November 

June 2016 Circle of Reason 

July 2016 Conquest   

August 2016 Downfall 2012 

September 2016 Soaceship Days 

 October 2016 Stamina

November 2016 Nicky Barot

December 2016 Days Indoors


12/24/16 Playlist 

Top 12 Countdown

Damage Limit, Days Indoors, Evolutionize, Gary Devine & The Hi-Beams, Herem, Jacko, Julia McDonald, New Model Army, One Day Elliot, Thryane, Veridia, Wayne Woodward,