What does it take?

What does it take to get 1 hr of your time each week? Shows go up every Saturday. No reason why you can’t take a listen real quick over the weekend. If you can’t listen that weekend, shows are up for a while to listen at a more convenient time. But by then up to 3 new shows have been added. Might as well listen each week. And there is no app required, you can listen with any device. You can listen while you eat, clean house, exercise/walking, have a party and hell, even while you shit-shower-shave (lol). I made it so easy for you. Please show some love. 


4/16/16 Playlist

7 Roads South*, Billy K Band +, Circle of Reason*, Corners of Sanctuary +, Gristle, James Steel, Killset, Mongrel, Ridiculas Trixx, Seeker +, The Chimpz, Wolfgang Carter, Voodoo Terror Tribe*

+ previous #1 Most Requested (Jan-March)

* requested

4/9/16 Playlist

7 Roads South*, Aury Moore, Backdawn*, Bailout*, Billy K Band, Corners of Sanctuary, David Martinez, Scarlet Sins, Seeker, Shangrala, Threaded Stone, Voodoo Terror Tribe
*requested artists

4/2/16 playlist 

7 Roads South, Billy K Band, Cold Snap*, Corners of Sancutary, Fading Point, Giant Giant*, JD Bradshaw, Kebu*, Love and a .38, Ridiculas Trixx, Seeker
* requested artist

Thank 💚 You


Just want to say thanks to those of you that support me. Any little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.
The biggest way to help is word of mouth, share posts, tell your friends & fans. Also listen to shows, partake in polls & contests and more. The important part is keeping me updated with new music & doing IDs. All this supports both of us. 

There are so many of you, it’s hard to keep up with you all. I appreciate those that put in the effort to keep me updated without having to ask.