09/06/14 Playlist

Age Of Evil
Broken Romeo
Crystal Viper
Dawn Of Rage
Def Leppard
Elvis Presley
Fading Point
False Hope
Hollywood tramp
Jack Stevens
James Steele
Justin Blake
Justin Blake
Kayla Stockert/and The Como Brothers
Shatter Messiah
Silent Opera
Stickman Bleeding
Stillborn Diz
Young Grit

8/23/14 Playlist

Def Leppard (opener)
Divided Multitude
Elvis Presley (closer)
Filter Efect
Gabe Barerra
Midnight Mosaic
Pamela Moore
Resident Can
Seasons of the Wolf
Sheered Lepus
Spaceship Days
Stickman Bleeding
Stokley Rose

07/26/14 Playlist

Def Leppard (opener) – Elvis (closer) – Kingdom of Glass – LeGrand Bruit – Markell Clay – Mars Patrol – Mikey Wax – Rayne – Revel 9 – Ryker Sear – Saint Diablo – The Change – Triphazard – Wolfgang Carter

New changes to my show and radio stream!

So excited about the change. The radio stream has a new name and banner. I tried to get things to fit with my persona but people had a hard time pronouncing things with the extra D and Z’s. I am all for being simple. Some things have been in the works for a bit but the transition has been completed for the most part. Some things you may already know but I am gonna post everything for those that haven’t caught the changes over the last two years. Regardless of how you know me or what you know me by, the flowing is what it is as of the last week.

My name is Diamondz. Feel free to continue calling me Di. That fits in so many ways. Please do not refer to me as Dirty Diamonds or DD anymore. That has been sooooo long gone and just reminds me of a past I’d rather not remember. I left it for a reason. Do not wanna hear it 😖 . And ddiamondzzz just gets butchered, so forget it. It’s officially Diamondz, Di for short.

My radio show is Diamondz Vault.

Radio stream is Diamondz Vault Radio

URL is
(The old URL ddiamondzzz.com will transfer over ’til the name expires in June 2015, but please make changes and use the new correct link asap).

New banner is attached, feel free to sport it in good taste. It’s a border less banner. Pending your website or where you post I also have a b/w bordered banner by request.

Website has been updated some, still working on it, but it’s cool. Check out.

Anything else? Feel free to ask 😀

Well, that’s it for now, catch Ya’ later.
– D