America is not really America

No personal offense to anyone, and Trump issues aside…we allow every non-American into this county, we honor their holidays, use their language in announcements, etc., yet most cannot comply with simple laws and be here legally. It ruins everything for the Americans and others who are.

This thought was brought on b/c someone asked me what holiday was Fri (3/2). I said their is no holiday for 3/2. She said my phone says there is a holiday. Hmmm! I look at my phone and shit sure it says there is a holiday. I am thinking WTF. I look at it doesn’t say anything just Holi. I am thinking dumb ass Apple (no offense) misspelled holiday. Doesn’t make sense, there is no holiday. After about a 30 second search, I found it is a holiday, BUT!!!! not a U.S. holiday. It is a holiday called Holi, it’s a Hindu holiday. So now I am trying to figure out out to turn that off so I am not awaken at 12:00 am on Friday when the notification goes off. I do not need to be awaken at midnight Fri to be told it’s a Hindu holiday; I am not Hindu.


Brrrr! 🌬

Last night was sooooo cold! 😮 64°F inside, 36°F outside brrrr 🌬 Not b___ching #JustSaying lol 😂 I know it’s colder elsewhere, like Boulder, CO 25°F, Sweden 21°, Denver, CO 18°, Russia 9°, Canada 5°, Minnesota 3°, Alaska -4°. I’ll take our 36/64°F