7 on 7 @ Palo Alto 07/21/14

OMG! What an amazing 7 on 7 practice. The guys were great. Too bad it wasn’t a real game. 😀 Even my guy did very well. He made up for the bad missed tackle last weekend by intercepting Paly’s QB, it was awesome! Sleep does wonders, lol.


7/19/14 Playlist

Took the weekend off to recoup and rest from a medical procedure Fri. Tonight re-airing 6/14/14 show.

Chris Walker Band – Crowsaw – David Geftakys – Def Leppard (opener) – Elvis (closer) – JD Bradshaw – John Taglieri – MykoMan – November – PhaZer – Preacher – Reason – Shangrala – Virgin Dirt – Young Grit

7/18/14 Playlist

In lieu of  a live show tonight, I am re-airing show 6/13/14 so I can recoup from a medical procedure this morning.

Albino Rhino – Alexanred – Alghazanth – Blind Secrecy – Dark Days Ahead – Def Leppard (opener) – Delayehad – Descend – Diamond Jam – Discipline X – Elvis (closer) – Fear of Domination – Henric Blomqvuist & Friends


7 on 7 practice @ Pioneer 7/16/14

I must say this was an interesting practice. Guys just weren’t there.  Including my son, lol.  He very rarely misses a tackle, but he missed one today and boy was it known…lol. You could hear the couch loud and clear in video, lol.

7/12/14 Playlist

In lieu of my birthday Fri I am taking the whole weekend off and re-airing the 6/7/14 tonight.

Alex Giordani – Billy K Band – Broken Romeo – Chris Walker Band – Def Leppard (opener) – Elvis (closer) – James Steele – Joe Alega – Larry Kinder – MykoMan – Phil McKay – Silene – The Finest Hour – The String Theory – Voodoo Terror Tribe


Passing Tournament 7/12/14

Wow! What a long day. And quite interesting, lol. Wasn’t too hot, 60-70 degrees with a breeze….BUT, I still got a little sunburned, lol. Guys did great for the most part. For them as well it was a long day. They got there before I did. They did well all day except the last 2 games. They were kinda rough, but they held up. A tough practice never hurt anyone, lol. Just will make them tougher. Great day all n’ all. Reviewing and editing film.