3/26/16 Playlist 

Segment #3 Top 12 Most Requested (3/26/16) 
7 Roads South, Andy Timmons, Atomflower, Beseech, Corners of Sanctuary (opener), Dauzat St. Marie, Last Approach (closer), Scout Killers, Seeker, Sir O, Steel Jungle, System Sonic, The Muddies, They Called Him Zone


Thank 💜 You

img_2908Giving a little shout out to some peeps I have known a very long time (6-10 yrs). You know who you are! Most of us go back to 2006-2008 at MySpace, when I first came back to music. I left MySpace, never looking back & went to Twitter 2009, Facebook 2010. I have enjoyed & valued the long friendship we have shared. Thanks for believing in me, being so such a good friend & being supportive of my crazy idea thinking I can be a promoter/radio show host 😋 And if you are an artist, thank you for allowing me to share your music worldwide. I will always try my best to do what I can to help get the word out. It’s the littlest things that are the biggest & mean the most. I am not Einstein, but I wasn’t born yesterday either. Here’s to many more years! #Muchlove 💕
⭐️ P.S. If I ever come into a humongous large amount of money, lol, 😂 I want to come visit you all. I need a vacation 🌴🌊 First tho’, pay off my bills, then get 2 new vehicles, a new house, have a little cushion $$ laying around. All I really need is about $4M 😋

3/19/16 playlist

7 Roads South, Atom Flower*, Corners of Sanctuary, Decypher, Fading Point, Scarz Within, Scout Killers*, Steel Jungle*, The Muddies*, They Call Him Zone*
* requested artists

3/12/16 Playlist 

7 Roads South*, Andy Timmons*, Beseech*, Billy K Band, Corners of Sanctuary (open), Counterclock, David Geftakys, John Taglieri, Last Bullet, Last Approach (close), Sir.O*, The Fading*
* requested artist


Corners of Sanctuary (opener), Dauzat St. Marie*, Fading Point, False Hope, Gravity Mob Heroes, Last Approach (closer), November, Seeker*, Shangrala, System Sonic*, Twisted Up, Wolfgang Carter

*requested artists