Another update on the car

Another update on the car…yeah you guessed it, don’t have it back. 😳 called at 5:00 when I hadn’t heard anything. They were still working on it. Had been for about 10 hrs. Had another 2 to go. They close at 6. No way it was gonna be done. They are closed Thur/Fri for the holiday, so won’t be ready ’til Mon. I left it Mon, 1:00 they said they were gonna start it. Apparently they didn’t. They started it Tuesday & worked all day today. Gonna be another 2 hrs. In a way I am upset b/c they have had it 3 days, closed Th/Fri. No car all week. Could have told me sooner what was going on. Wasted the whole damn day waiting. My son & I are fighting over my car. Ha! I couldn’t let him continue to drive his b/c eventually it wasn’t gonna start at all and I didn’t want him stranded. They did us a favor by squeezing us in hod busy holiday week. But I probably should have waited ’til next week but didn’t want to take a chance with it not starting at all. Plus they are only gonna charge me 7 hrs labor, not the 12 it will have taken them. We shall see.


Yes, there is football practice on Thanksgiving Day

Funny how some football parents were complaining about practice on Thanksgiving. I understand. BUT! It is finals last 2 wks of Nov & first week of Dec. practice is needed for games. Parents were warned at the summer parent meeting before the season started, that if they go to CCS, don’t expect much of a holiday, there will be practice (only 9-11). I say, either suck it up or don’t play. Had they not made finals, season would have been done 2 weeks ago. If you commit, you gotta stick with the program. You know well ahead what it’s going to be like. You can’t show up whenever you feel like it. I planned June-Dec accordingly, around football. I paid attention to things. My son loves football and wanted to make the commitment, and so did I, for him.

Update on car

Update on car…dropped it off Mon 11/25 at 7 am. They checked it out to see what the problem is, called me at 1 pm to let me know. They were to have started on it, but it was going to be 7 hrs labor. Tues they were booked solid & busy, but would try to finish. Guaranteed for sure ready by Wed. Well, here it is Wed after 2 pm, no word yet. Normally I wouldn’t mind and they did squeeze us in this busy holiday week as a favor, but it is also going to be expensive. It’s twice as much as my most expensive single purchase made before. We’re talking low 4 digits 😳 . Bank may be cautious b/c I have had problems with major fraudulent activity before. Hope the bank lets it go through. Some extra time just incase is nice. Both shop & bank close at 6. Bank won’t be open again ’til Fri, not sure about autoshop. For sure closed Thur, not sure about Fri. Nervous as hell, hope all goes smoothly. Fingers crossed.

Crazy busy week ahead

This is gonna be a crazy busy week.

Monday – regular day as usual, work, school, practice.

Tuesday – regular day as usual, work, school, practice

Wednesday – no work, no school BUT there is varsity football practice 9 am – 12 pm (CCS Finals)

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day, no work, no school, BUT there is varsity football practice 9-11 am (CCS Finals)

Friday – team feed set up 11:45 am, team feed 1 pm, then straight to practice, semifinal game 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday – recover from the week

πŸ’₯ Los Gatos upsets Milpitas 55-35πŸ’₯

πŸ’₯ Los Gatos upsets Milpitas 55-35πŸ’₯ Coming into tonight’s game, Milpitas was 8-1-0 overall; 6-0-0 league. Los Gatos 6-3-0 overall; 5-1-0 league. We weren’t too far behind but we had to work for it. They were the biggest threat this season. I was sure they’d cream us. Our guys wanted it bad. They practice hard & they played hard and they got the win. But Milpitas by no means was a cake walk. They’re big, good, fast & the QB has an arm. They put up a good fight, but still had an off night. So glad the win was ours. CCS bound now.

No amount of practice can prepare for the beating this week

What the heck is going on? Practice started at 9 am, it is now after 1:30 pm. No amount of practice is gonna prepare them for the brutal beating Milpitas is gonna give them Fri. As much as I would love to see Los Gatos upset the undefeated Milpitas, it is going to be hard.

Milpitas: 8-1-0 overall; 6-0-0 league

Los Gatos: 6-3-0 overall; 5-1-0 league

Even tho’ league wise we are only 1 game behind; overall 2 games behind. It’s gonna be tough. But we stand a chance if they (LG) want it bad, prepare hard & play hard. Gonna be a long week of practice. Fingers crossed. Either way we should make CCS but the better record we have the better seeding we will be. Last year they went at 6-4-0 and went all the way to the finals…beat Pioneer in R1 32-12, Wilcox in R2 21-20 in OT, they lost in the final to St. Francis 17-0. But this year is a new team, last years seniors are in college, juniors are now seniors. But! The sophomores that came up as juniors were undefeated as JV & freshman in prior seasons. Coach has not utilized those kids at all. Wasting a chance for a great winning season on seniors with less winning ability. He is gonna have a hard lesson this season. Hopefully that undefeated crop of kids get their time to shine better next year.

Good luck Wildcats, rootin’ for you!