Show specifics 

To avoid some confusion, and it might be easy for some, lol….here are show details.
1. A new show is released each weekend, generally on Saturday. There may be adjustments from time to time. Life & family come first.
2. Shows are available for a month so people have a chance to listen at a time convenient for them. 
3. I post daily on the 4 recent shows. Pay attention to the detail in the post. Each show will have a # and a date. 
4. The Top 12 Countdown is always the last Saturday of the month. The others are regular shows. So, again, pay attention to the detail if you want to share a specific show. 
5. Playlists are generally posted just before I post the show.
6. The shows & playlists are also posted on my website I try my best to keep things updated as I go along, but sometimes I forget. My main focus is to get the show done, loaded and posted. So let me know if I forget to update the website page, be nice about it 😋 


About today’s show 

I am so amped about this new show,one of the best to date. It has a lot of diversity & very good music. There is no way I could have polled this myself. Thanks to everyone who voted, all 409 of you! 
Speaking of diversity, of the 12 artists, 5 are from the USA (California, Florida, New York, Tennessee & Texas). The other 7 are from Argentina, Finland, Ireland & the United Kingdom. 
The genres are mainly alternative, classic rock, hard rock, metal. There is also is a bit of alternative w/ electronic elements, pop acoustic folk w/a delicate edge, alternative folk, pop rock/adult contemporary, epic melodic death metal w/Japanese folk elements, acoustic indie/folk.
Now most of my following would probably freak on the epic melodic death metal w/Japanese folk elements. Not as bad as it sounds tho’, lol. Me, if I saw that and didn’t hear the band, I’d say no way. To me I get the screaming, barking, gothic image in my mind. That’s not me. But that isn’t this band. The song I aired is pretty damn good. It’s the 2nd song aired, remember it. 
So here ya’ go…..coming up next is the show. 

I can make a 100% correct assumption 😂 

I can make a 100% correct assumption on this, lol 😂 
I went to walk with the dog. As we were leaving I heard my son on phone to one of his friends. The dog & I leave for out walk,

She got spooked by loud noise a few doors down. #DamConstructionWorkers So she went back home. I trucked on. 
As we were attempting our walk, I walk out and see one of my son’s friend on the phone, and it looked liked he had a bathrobe on (he is kinda eccentric, could have been anything, lol). Anyhow I would beat a million dollars he was in the phone to my son 😂 DORKS! Either call from somewhere else other than right out front or go up to the door and talk in person, lol. So I am waking with the dog, she gets spooked by loud noise and balks (stops). So I am standing there, 3 doors down, trying to get her to move and my son’s friend leaves and drives by and flashes me the ✌🏻️ sign. Kids these days, lol. 

New show up soon, listen to earlier shows

🎙I am up, amped & ready for everyone to hear the new show today 🎼, however, before I share it with you, lol, I would like you all to take a listen 🎧 to the last few shows (3). Show some love for me, my show & the indie scene (and artists) I support. When things reach a 50% listen increase, I’ll air the new show. 



5/28/16 Playlist

Arkadia, Chase Bray, Franco & the Dreadnought, Gerard Daily, John Santana, Lir Shilton, Michael LeClerc, November, Revel 9, Shake Hands Eric, Veridia, Whispered 

5/21/16 Playlist 

7 Roads South, Bailout, Corners of Sanctuary, David Geftakys, Deepshade, Gravity Mob Heroes, Lir Shilton*, November, Revel 9*, Rock Hollywood, Shake Hands Eric*, Veridia*
* Top 12 Contenders 

5/14/16 Playlist

7Roads South, Arkadia*, Bailout, Chris Walker, Circle of Reason, Corners of Sanctuary, Franco & The Dreadnought*, John Santana*, Michael LeClerc*, Mikey Wax, November, Ridicules Trixx
* Top 12 contenders