Playlist 5/23/15

Playlist 5/23/15:

Broken Romeo, Chris Walker, Dark Energy, Def Leppard (opener), Dream Aria, Electric Sister, Elvis Presley (closer), Julia Alyce, Kingwhack, Mind Mechanics, Wrath of Killenstein, Young Grit, 


Playlist 5/9/15

Playlist 5/9/15: 

Cage, Def Leppard (opener), Elvis Presley (closer), Greedy White Citizens, Imagika, Krash Karma, Rollin’ Thunder, Russell Michael, SIC, Side Project, The Creptter Children, The Rods, Valerian, Vio7 

Playlist 5/2/15

Playlist 5/2/15:

All the Brightness, Billy K Band, C Sharp, Cage, David Shankle, Def Leppard (opening), Elvis Presley (closing), False Hope, Kevin Lee, Man Machine Industry, Nation, Plank, Sheeted Lepus, Xander Demo

GNR is done and gone! 

Yeah I was a fan….mid 80’s-90’s, but the GNR era is over, it died 25 years ago. I think a GNR reunion is useless. They haven’t played together in 18-25 years. Obviously there hasn’t been any issues…b/c they haven’t talked or hung out together for 30 years. The shit will start up again. Any band that has gone through 20+ members in 30 years is done. GNR had 5 good years, then it went down hill. ’90 Adler was gone, ’91 Izzy was gone, ’96 Slash was gone, ’97 Duff was gone. Since then GNR went through 17 more members. Axl is the only common member left, obviously the problem is him. A reunion is a waste of time in my opinion.