A man to get a lighter sentence & eventually go free for murder he committed as a teenager 😳

An attorney for a 23 year old man who committed a gang-related murder when he was 17 & was sentenced to life in prison, is fighting that sentence. He said he shouldn’t have to spend the rest of his life behind bars for something he did as a teenager. 😳 Hello! What part does he not get? Doesn’t matter how old he was, he committed intentional murder as a gang member. He deserves more than just life behind bars. If he gets out, what will that teach teenagers? That it’s ok to murder & they will only do a few years in jail…because they are teenagers. So not right! Doesn’t matter about age, you do the (premeditated-intentional) crime, you do the time. Flat out! He shot and killed a kid for no reason, then stood over him, after he was down and fired several more shots, killing him. And refresh, he was an active gang member! 😳. If that wasn’t intentional I dunno what is. But now all that may get over turned and he may get a lighter sentence, which means he will go free after a few years. He had already served 6 years. Apparently there was a ruling in a 5-4 decision in Miller vs. Alabama, the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles violates the 8th Amendment’s prohibition against cruel & unusual punishment. 😳 WTF! Life in prison is not cruel & unusual punishment. He was a gang member & intentionally killed someone. The justice system has gone to hell.


Chewing tobacco, yuck

Good question. Why do (male) sports athletes “have to” chew tobacco? One, it’s disgusting. Two, it’s a dangerous health risk. If for whatever reason ya’ need to chew there is gum (there is even sugarless if you are worried about the excessive sugar) & sunflower seeds. Either way it’s a messy disgusting habit but at least it’s safe. My son’s football team chose seeds. Yaaa! And I will volunteer for the clean up crew for their better decision.

06/28/14 Playlist (special tribute show)

This play list is a little more special as this show was done in tribute of a loved one suddenly lost.

Black Label Society (closer)  – Def Leppard (opener) – Jack Stevens (10)

Yesterday we lost a great person, a great rocker. Jack had a lot of heart n’ soul. He touched the lives of many. He was deeply loved by many world wide. He will be deeply missed! You will never be forgotten & we will always love you Jack!


Tonight’s episode of “Diamondz Vault” – a special tribute to Jack Stevens

Thanks to everyone for tuning in.

Tonight’s episode of “Diamondz Vault” was dedicated in full, to Jack Stevens, a true hearted good soul & rocker, passed away suddenly yesterday and will be deeply missed. I played every song from the album, “High, Dirty & Low” in his honor. It was very hard to do but I had to do it. I couldn’t go a break without crying. As sad as it was, I am glad I did it. I feel so much better for doing it. Tho’ it will be a long healing time, we’ll be ok. The show was intended to only be an hour but ended up an extra half hour b/c I kept loosing it during the breaks. But that’s ok, all for Jack. He would have said, “Chin up and smile.” 😀

Thank you to everyone for all of your messages. Jack was truly loved by many world wide. I saw that in a matter of a few minutes. He was a lucky guy.

If anyone has any pictures
or video of Jack and would like to share them, let me know. I can put them on the tribute page and show everyone what a truly amazing person he was.

And keep your messages coming, post them at http://www.ddiamondzzz.com/in-memory

The page is gonna be up for a very long time.

As a tribute to Jack, some of us have also put a picture of him as our cover pic on FB and header at twitter. Love you Jack!

I am currently working on the show & will have it podcasted soon for those that couldn’t catch the live airing.

Thank you all for everything!


The Passing of a beloved true hearted friend & rocker

I sadly bring to you that this morning,  Jack Stevens, our beloved friend & rocker, suddenly passed away. It was so sudden and unexpected. I am still in shock. He was an amazing person with a wonderful heart and soul.  He may no longer be with us physically, but spiritually he and his music will live on in/with us. I was blessed to have known him for 5 years, he was truly amazing and always brightened my darkest days. As a radio show host, I often get for free, a few digital tracks from artists to air, but as a strong supporter of indie music & the artists that create it,  I always support the artist and try to buy a hard copy CD if available. Or I try to buy the digital tracks from ITunes. Jack sent me a few (free) digital tracks to air out of the kindness of his heart, but I loved his music so much and having a strong support for indie artists, I bought his album “High, Dirty & Low.”  As always, he was such a kind man. He had sent me the CD autographed. I will treasure that and my friendship with Jack forever. He was truly loved and cherished by many world wide and will be deeply missed. Rest In Peace Jack!  I will always love you!


In honor of my dear friend, I have set up a Tribute Page for Jack Stevens at my website.

06/27/14 Playlist

(OMF) Ol Mofo’s – Billy D & the Hoo Doos – Billy K Band – Como Bros. Band – Def Leppared (opener) – Dropdead Pinups – Elisium – Elvis (closer) – Face The King – Kidd Comet – Kingwhack – Last Bullet – Last Stand For Lucy – Memory of a Melody – Permanent Ability

And it continues, lol

And summer and football continue. My son is finally back after being gone a week. Looks like he grew some….or I shrunk more, lol. He’s nice and tan. He always did tan easy. I got burned, lol. He’s been gone with buddies for like 151 hours, he gets home, I see him a whole 10 mins. He showers and heads off to the girlfriend. He’ll see her for about 4 hours, come home and go to bed, I won’t see him. He’ll get home late, sleep late tomorrow, get up and shower, and take off again, lol. I hardly see him during the summer and weekends, lol. I was hoping he’d be tired and burned out and stay home a while. But at some point he did need to see the girlfriend.