6/18/16 Playlist

7 Roads South, Anarchy Reigns, Billy K Band, Corners of Sancturary, Helen Connelly*, Mustan Kuun Lapset*, Neon Leaves, November, Phazer, Rayne, The Alleyway Wolves*, Voodoo Terror Tribes
* Top 12 Contenders


6/11/16 Playlist 

7 Roads South, A Toi Me’Shen, Circle of Reason*, Corners of Sanctuary, Denominate*, False Hope, Gerard Daly, Lionsheart*, November, Revel 9*, Ridicules Trixx, Shake Hands Eric
*Top 12 Contenders 

6/4/16 Playlist 

7 Roads South, Antonio Cappiello, Corners of Sanctuary, David Geftakys, Disclarity*, Iron Imperium*, Korgonthurus*, Last Bullet, Naai*, November, Sinax*, They Called Him Zone
* Top 12 Contenders