Dirty Diamonds/KDDR Radio ~ New changes & updates effective immediately – please read!

Dirty Diamonds/KDDR Radio ~ New changes & updates effective immediately – please read!

Hopefully you all have caught the changes I noted this week. Here they are again. Friday current info will no longer be used and deleted. Please make note of new info and use immediately!

Most important thing to remember is the website. Everything else will be noted there if you forget or don’t know.


Other new info –
Dirty Diamonds —> ddiamondzzz

Twitter: @dirtydiamonds47 —> @ddiamondzzz (same acct just changed user id)

Will eventually change FB too once I figure it out.

KDDR Radio —> ddiamondzzz

kddrradio@gmail.com —> ddiamondz50@gmail.com



Keeping and using my Dirty Diamonds email so if you have that keep it and keep using it. Only the stream email is changing.

I can still be called Di, DD or diamondzzz or ddiamondzzz

I think that is it. Anything else, just ask.

Thanks – DD


Special anniversary show this Fri w/ special guests

Special 5 yr anniversary show this Fri…join me as I celebrated 5 yrs of radio. I will be re-airing the 1st 3 ever interviews I did (November Kill Van Kull & Tobacco Road).

Friday 6/28/13 ~ 8-10 pm ET

Total new revamp & look!

Ok in the last few days things have been through a big revamp. Total new 👀

station radio stream —> private radio stream (only broadcasting my show live and auto…no more other shows for now)

name: Dirty Diamonds —> ddiamondzzz (different short variation)
Still can call me DD, Di or ddiamondzzz

listen link: http://loudcity.com/stations/ddiamondzzz-radio

Website: http://www.ddiamondzzz.com

Love how tax payers money is wasted

This is useless, a waste of taxpayers money. Why counsel a juvenile on truancy, habitual or not. June 18 – 3:34 pm, school wasn’t in session either way. It’s freaking summer, the kid wasn’t breaking any rules. Only rule they could possibly break would be at night & it would be curfew (10 pm in LG). Local police at their finest. lmao.


Big changes to KDDR Radio

Big changes to KDDR Radio.

First of all KDDR Radio stands for K Dirty Diamonds Rocks. It was something I could use as a station stream or private stream.

Second: For a year I ran things as station, then I lost my help to their personal issues. For 6 months I tried to carry things myself as I looked for new help. Couldn’t find anyone. After a while it became too much on me to do everything myself, carry 18 shows (cut back to 11, still a lot), along with a day job, raising a kid myself and dealing with aging/ailing parents. It became too much, I was stressed, got sick a lot, and I wasn’t able to further commit 100% to the other shows. I even had to pre-record my show for a while. Too many distractions and I felt it wasn’t fair to me, shows/show hosts and fans/listeners when I couldn’t keep things timely on track. So I decided to give it break on running other shows. That is the only thing really that has changed. Taking some time to recoup, hopefully resolve things soon and can go back to it. Everything else remains the same. I am still doing my show and live, another small easy project in the works and run auto when I can (right now 8 pm-9 am ET daily).

Please continue to show some love and tune in to auto (8 pm-9 am ET) daily and my live show Fridays 8-10 pm ET ~ all indie, all the time!


My show is available for syndication

My show is still live every Friday 8-10 pm ET at the usual place…..but I now am offering it as a pre-recorded syndicated show at other stations. If interested, hit me up by leaving a message by replying to this.

Artists, listeners if you know of any stations looking to air a show, let them know about me.

Thanks DD