All About me and my radio show

Music/Radio Persona: Diamondz

Radio Show – In The Spotlight With Diamondz

Where the best independent & unsigned music gets heard & gets the attention they deserve!

I have over 12 years of promotion, 10 years of hosting a radio show & 4 years of hosting a stream behind me. I have been around a while & will continue to be around. There may be changes and I may take breaks from time to time but I will never quit. I now cater specifically to the independent & unsigned artists. I like some mainstream music (80′s 90′s my fav era), but they get enough attention & are doing well enough. There are so many great indie & unsigned bands out there and I want to help them.

It all started back yonder on Easter day 2006.  After a friend talked me into helping her with something so I joined MySpace. Was there 4 years ’til the owner Tom sold it and it went downhill from there and I left. Joined Twitter July 11, 2009, Facebook a year  later in September 2010. Been there since. Back in April 2006 I started out with private promotions for indie/unsigned bands, it exploded and I met a lot of cool artists with awesome music. June 28, 2008 I started as a radio show host as a favor to a friend who had an internet radio station and needed help. The rest is history.


(c) 2012 Diamondz

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