College life 

I read a story about a girl going off to college and is worried about her boyfriend going to another college 3 hrs away from her. She is worried about communication, which isn’t good as is right now. She claims she trusts him, but it sound like she doesn’t. And she can’t change him, he has to want to change himself. She is way too young to know who she wants to spend the rest of her life with right now. College is a whole other new world. They are going to meet a ton of new people. If this is meant to be, once college is done, their paths will cross again. If not, they’ll be with someone new. Long distant relationships, especially at college are hard. I say they breakup, but be friends, see where college takes them and go from there. If it’s meant to be it will be. Can’t force it. 


You can chose your friends

To make a long story as short as possible…I am not racist/prejudice, am all for equal opportunity under proper conditions, etc…I dislike (or like) someone b/c of how they are to me and how they treat me, their judgement & behavior. Not b/c of race, region, or gender preference. 
I read a story where a woman was questioning her friendship with a male friend, who after 2 years showed he was against gay people and refused to see a movie that had a gay character or a gay actor in the movie. It is his right to not want to see those movies, but from my view (and his female friend), he would be prejudice against gay people. And that is against my beliefs. His female friend has a right to be concerned about her friendship with such a person. I personally could not be friends with someone like that.