This Clippers distraction, lol

What are your thoughts on this Clippers item? lol. My opinion is, it’s a very grey area. It can go either way. I have heard opinions on both sides. Yeah what he said was definitely not right or ok, BUT, we do have the 1st Amendment. Free Speech. And the private conversations in his home between he and GF were illegally recorded & sold to TMZ. Hmmm! How could they have been recorded in his home if it was just he & his GF? How did they get sold to TMZ? Was someone else there hearing every thing & secretly recording it? Was it his GF? Estranged wife? Did someone (else) set him up? Apparently he has been reprimanded before for something similar. What happened with that? Was the 2.5 mil fine & life ban really necessary?


Deport illegal immigrants

I am all for kids, keeping families together, etc…however, to be in America you should be a citizen or a legal immigrant. I do not think it is right that Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is making an exception for one person. Automatically granting her legal, permanent residency without having to do anything. Are her kids citizens, are they here legally? If that woman wants to be here, fine, then she needs to be a legal immigrant, get a green card, or become a citizen and go through the proper procedure to do it. I do not approve of all these illegal immigrants taking advantage of our system & rules and taking away opportunities from our legal citizens.

I hate to say it, but we Americans are becoming a minority in our country.

Wise words of 49ers GM Trent Baalke

Wise words of 49ers GM Trent Baalke – “We’re a family. You just don’t open the door and toss people out of it.”

“You continue to work, until they leave you no choice…..we’re going to find ways to support, not defend. We cannot defend the actions of others.”

He is not giving up on players nor is he condoning their actions. You can’t just give up on people, their actions are asking for help. They need help not be shut out and given up on, even tho’ their action may not be appropriate. I give Baalke kudos for trying to help these guys. They are all in their mid 20’s, still very young & have a lot do growing up to do, they are still learning & still need guidance. Just b/c someone is legally an adult at 18 doesn’t mean they are. That status is just a number. Actions speak the truth. My 17 year old acts more an adult than some of these “legal adults” in the NFL. That is b/c of how I have raised him. I have rules, guidelines, common sense. I teach not demand or give up.


So frustrated with online ordering right now . Yeah it is cheaper & more convenient. But it does have issues. Like you don’t know what it really looks like. It could vary from what’s online. False advertising if you ask me. Then when the item doesn’t work. Sure I can return it for a full refund or exchange but I have to pay for shipping it back. Plus I had to pay for installation charges to find out it doesn’t work. So I am out $45 + shipping right now. Naturally it’s not the installers fault & they need to be paid for the labor they did. Definitely not my fault. The vendor feels it’s not their fault, defects happens they say, yet they are the ones that sold me the defective part. Hmmm! Most vendors take care of the customer then they deal with the mfr. but since they won’t, they say it’s not their fault. Bad business ethics! So my next step is going after the manufacturer.
Someone owes me $45 + shipping. First off is returning the piece of shit and get my money back. Then I will go after the manufacturer. Nice way to spend my day off 😳

Kaepernick incident is a scam!

Something is up about this woman who reported the “incident” with the 3 NFL players. She is an adult, she chose to go there herself. If something wasn’t right, she had the choice to leave. She didn’t, she chose to stay. Poor judgement on her end, it was all a scam set up. I mean come on. If it was true & there was alcohol, there was pot, you know what’s gonna happen. I don’t care if it was Kap, Patton & Lockette, I would have left. Not worth the risk. If it did happen & she was that bad to pass out, she obviously overdid something, by her own choice, and would not have remembered anything from when she arrived at the hotel & woke up at the hospital. She claims she doesn’t know what happened or how she got there, but yet she somehow remembers making drinks, the pot smoking, going into a room, being undressed, being kissed, but NOT having sex. Obviously nothing happened then. Why report a false story? Only thing that did happen was, she made a poor judgement call, got too drunk & stoned and passed out. That’s on her, not the guys. She is an adult, she could have walked away & she chose not to. It was a scam set up!

4/7/14 – important announcement

With deep regret, I inform you that the radio portion of my project will be on hiatus for a few months so I can focus on a few personal matters that need my immediate attention. Health, family & well being are top priority! All else stays intact & I will continue to do promotions as time permits. I hope to be back up and running by summer if not sooner.

Artists: feel free to continue to submit music and as soon as I am up and running again, you’ll get on air.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support.

~ D

Playlist 4/4/14

Playlist 4/4/14

Abandoned Souls
Broken Romeo
Elvis (closer)
Jack Stevens
Johnny Lima
Murder in Greenwich
Ockums Razor
Purple Pam
Seasons of the Wolf
The Chasing Dark
The Poodles
The Phubus
The Rods
The Velmas
Trapt (opener)
Vic Mendoza
Virgin Dirt