Alive & well, still on hiatus

So bummed. If you haven’t seen or heard from me in a while, no worries. Still alive, around and loving indie music. I took a year off take care of my health, which I was successful with. I was going to come back and start shows again in Jan, then both my (very old) computers crapped out. Unfortunately, finances are really tight right now, and I had some unexpected costs come up, so I can’t get a new one right now. Being a single parent, supporting myself and my son on my sole salary, trying to get him through college is making it tight as is. So, once I come into some funding in the next few months, I’ll get a new computer and I’ll be back. Thanks for your patience, understanding and continued support. Hope to be back this summer.


The Flip Toss

The 49ers and Raiders – or Raiders and 49ers – require a coin flip to determine which Bay Area franchise slots into the No. 9 overall pick in next month’s draft and which falls to No. 10. What could go wrong when Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson, Friday’s ceremonial coin collector, makes the flip at 12:30 p.m. in Indy (9:30 a.m. PT)?

America is not really America

No personal offense to anyone, and Trump issues aside…we allow every non-American into this county, we honor their holidays, use their language in announcements, etc., yet most cannot comply with simple laws and be here legally. It ruins everything for the Americans and others who are.

This thought was brought on b/c someone asked me what holiday was Fri (3/2). I said their is no holiday for 3/2. She said my phone says there is a holiday. Hmmm! I look at my phone and shit sure it says there is a holiday. I am thinking WTF. I look at it doesn’t say anything just Holi. I am thinking dumb ass Apple (no offense) misspelled holiday. Doesn’t make sense, there is no holiday. After about a 30 second search, I found it is a holiday, BUT!!!! not a U.S. holiday. It is a holiday called Holi, it’s a Hindu holiday. So now I am trying to figure out out to turn that off so I am not awaken at 12:00 am on Friday when the notification goes off. I do not need to be awaken at midnight Fri to be told it’s a Hindu holiday; I am not Hindu.

Brrrr! 🌬

Last night was sooooo cold! 😮 64°F inside, 36°F outside brrrr 🌬 Not b___ching #JustSaying lol 😂 I know it’s colder elsewhere, like Boulder, CO 25°F, Sweden 21°, Denver, CO 18°, Russia 9°, Canada 5°, Minnesota 3°, Alaska -4°. I’ll take our 36/64°F

Airplay and Reviews

If ya’ want airplay and/or a review,

one, I need music, the more current the better.

Two, ya’ need to have your fans request you at:

Text/voicemail (408) 868-7639


(Airplay & review requests only at the above contacts)

All requests will be anonymous. If fans want to be mentioned with the song, then they should at least provide a first name. They may also provide any of the following if they like (last name, city, state/provonce, country). All info provided will be confidential. No solicitation and it will be deleted once request is received.

Artists new to me can inquire about where to send music. For established artists, confirm my email. It hasn’t changed in a while but some might have the old one still.

New Show January 2018

Starting up new show Sat 1/6/18.

“In The Spotlight With Diamondz.”

1. It will be an hour long, airing Saturdays.

2. Music aired will be by fan requests & a few of my favorites

3. A seg where I review an artist (Hit or Miss)

4. A seg of 5 mins quick talk.

It’s important for you, the artist, to promote yourselves and my show, have your fans request you, then everyone listen to the show and give a thumbs up for the Spotlight artist.

More details to come, stay tuned 🎙🎧