Playlist 1/17/14

Playlist 1/17/14

(un)SAID, Blame It On Cain, Bloodhound, Cage, Core of Nation, Dark Energy, David Shankle, David Steel, Double Dragon, Dr Caravan, Empire of Eden, Jared Sagal, Lipstick Magazine, Lowcrawl, Peter Ulrich, Sea Of Misonformation, Why


Playlist 1/10/14

Playlist 1/10/14

Acid Muffin, [Bren], Broken Romeo, Cage, Circle II Circle, Helloween, Hustle, I Am I, Joe Alega, Joel Lightman, Johnny Lima, Iced Earth, Last Bullet, Laura Shawen, Michael Moonchild, Pete Hopkins, PhaZer, Shotgun Chaperon, Shangrala, The Velmas, Valerian, Virgin Dirt, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Wolfgang Carter, Young Grit

Indie artist- promoter support

Ok all you gremlins (indie music artists & promoters), lol. I need your help.

Updating the website, if I play your music, I wanna link back to you & promote the beat hell out you! Please send me what you can (banner, URL link, music link, video, etc) & I’ll link you on my website. Use my personal email if you have it or the radio email

Please link back to me.

Playlist 01/03/14

Playlist 1/03/14

6 Prong Paw
Ashland Court
Billy K Band
Bleeker Ridge
Broken Romeo
Codie Prevost
Corners if Sanctuary
Crowned By Fire
Counter Clock
David Geftakys
Elvis Presley (exit song)
Haunting Heather
Joe Alega
Johnny Lima
John Taglieri
Kill Van Kull
Last Approach
Last Bullet
Rok Hollywood
Sea Of Misinformation
Sen Royalty
The Mars Patrol
Threaded Stone
Trapt (intro song)
Twisted Up
Virgin Dirt
Voodoo Terror Tribe
Wolfgang Carter
Young Grit

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After a 3 month hiatus, I will be back Fri 1/3/14

After a 3 month hiatus due to my son’s football season, I will be making a comeback!

Tune in Fri 1/3/14 8-11 pm ET for the “Diamondz Live: best of 2013 Show”. See where your favorite top 10 landed, plus hear some other great music since I started radio from 2008-2013

* after the walk thru tonight, it was discovered that my show will be 2.75 hours (an extra 45 mins than planned, so 8-11 in stead of 8-10).