Crushes, where do I start? lol

😜 Crushes are awesome & can be so fun. But do you act upon it, take it to the next step or just stand where it is?

Yeah I’ll admit, I have a few crushes, lol. And they know it…I think ❓❓❓. For sure one should, I’m pretty direct about it, lol. Unfortunately they all are miles away 😒, so nothing more than just a good, fun crush. It’s all good πŸ˜€

1. 2,700 miles
2. 2,300 miles
3. 2,100 miles

Enjoy life, take each day to its fullest like its your last, have fun! πŸ˜‰

Oh and my crushes are on real normal people, not some celeb I’ll never get near.


Thoughts on expressing feelings ???

Whatda’ ya’ do? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t 😳

I understand if one likes someone, that someone would like to know. They may feel the same. But also, there are people out there, that due to past experiences gone bad, they are no longer willing to take a chance and say something. Or they don’t want to chance ruining/losing the friendship they have now. They’d rather lose out then make a fool of them self if the person doesn’t feel the same. But at some point, someone has to say something or it’ll never be a possibility. Also have to consider location & life schedule.

What are the chances of it working? Failing? Who starts it? What do you do?

What are your thoughts? Let me know! Curious as to what you people think πŸ˜ƒ

zero tolerance to bullshit, nonsense, drama, irrelevancy, etc.

Incase some of you didn’t know, lol…I have a zero tolerance to bullshit, nonsense, drama, irrelevancy & any such related. All comments classifying as such will be immediately deleted. So don’t be surprised, cry or go psycho on me. Any such action is cause for immediate deletion. Use common sense, after all, you are an adult, behave like one. Heck my 16 yr old behaves better than most adults on here 😳😱 I know we’re only human & things happen sometimes, but some of you act up regularly. Just not my thing. So boo! Ha!

SF 49ers & KC Chiefs make a trade

Apparently there was a trade yesterday & players are in their new homes today. Apparently there is something we don’t know, lol.

What does KC know about Baldwin that SF doesn’t and vice versa with Jenkins, what does SF know that KC doesn’t. Apparently previous homes were not happy with their player. 😳

What I do know is…Baldwin broke his thumb his rookie year at KC in a fight with a teammate. Hmmm! Is there am attitude problem? SF does not need inter-team fighting. Yeah he has 1 yr up on Jenkins with experience and has some good stats, but Jenkins I believe was not utilized by SF. How can he produce and prove himself if they don’t play him? Between last season and the two pre season games this season I think Jenkins saw 3 plays. WTF! SF invested a lot in him and they didn’t use him. Stupid. What is the reasoning with SF on that one?

See how good Baldwin does with SF this year & if they utilize him and I bet Jenkins is gonna explode at KC.

To clear up any continued confusion there might still be

To clear up continued confusion, lol. Nothing has changed, just the radio stream name and email. All else continues to function as it has in the past.

Dirty Diamonds is now diamondz

KDDR Radio is now ddiamondzzz radio

Other minor changes:
24/7 radio stream to 12 hour stream (9 am-9 pm ET)

During the temporary 1/2 day streaming, music is all indie & unsigned.

Once a few kinks get worked out, I will be in full force again.