The real me, take it or leave it

I may not perfect, but I have the biggest heart you’ll ever see. For those of you who think you are so high & mighty and your poop don’t stink, I don’t have time to waste on nonsense. I don’t play games, don’t stab people in the back, don’t lie, don’t look down on people or think they are lesser than me b/c they are different & I definitely don’t pretend to be something I’m not. Sorry if I have a real life, a job & a family to care for and can’t do music/radio full time or take it as serious as you do. I love music, especially independent and unsigned artists, some of the hottest music out there. I do what I can when I can. At least I do something. Sorry if I am not high & mighty like you, not my style to be something I’m not, your loss. Friends don’t treat friends bad. May you have a blessed life & may karma come back and bite you in the butt!


Looking for new show intro/exit clips

HELP! Looking to refresh my radio show…all indie/unsigned music. Want a new, different, one of kind intro and exit themes. About 1-2 mins in length, words with your voice, music in the background, etc. you get the idea. My (new) radio name is Diamondz, radio station is ddiamondzzz radio, show name is “Diamondz Live”, all should be contained on the clip as well. Rest is is up to you. HELP!

Existing artists in rotation

Artists: as much as I love you & your music…I deal with & air over 2,000 of you. I can’t constantly chase down artists for new music. Plus everyone is on a different schedule. Please keep me updated with new music as it happens. I don’t find out there is something new ’til someone asks for something & don’t have it.