The best of the best for 2013

Thank you to everyone who participated, I was blown away. The results were shocking…in a good way. lol. The voting frenzy was crazy, over 2,400 people voted & showed support for their favorite artist. (poll closed, but other info still available)

Now, stay tuned for the results to see where your favorite placed. Tune in Friday 1/3/14 8-10 pm ET to “Diamondz Live”. I will count down the best of the best for 2013. The no. 1 artist will start off 2014 as January’s Artist of the Month.

More details to follow


When to accept that it’s over

I know it is hard to let go of a child, it would be very hard. But the girl has officially been declared brain dead. The family needs to accept it and let her go. She has been deceased for 3 weeks. Why prolong the pain & rack up bills they can’t afford? She is gone, she has been gone. Let her rest in peace.

However, if the brain is dead, how can the rest of her body still be functioning? I thought the brain communicated with the rest of the body & told it what to do ??? Could she still be alive, just in a coma or some weird unknown state? I can see why this would be a tough call for the family. However she did go into cardiac arrest after surgery & never recovered. As much as I hate to say it, I think she is gone.

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Not the Head Coach’s fault!

Why is it that when something goes wrong with a football team, the head coach is the first to go? I think the Coordinators & players need to be more accountable for bad games, not the head coach. It really isn’t the head coach’s fault. 1) it’s easier said than done. What might look great on the drawing board may not actually work on the field. You are not sure how the other side is going to respond. And unless a coach has been a player on the field too and experienced plays first hand, he isn’t really gonna know what works and what doesn’t. 2) a coach can say something ’til he is blue in the face but what happens on the field with two different groups of players is totally something else. It’s the Coordinators calling plays mostly. They and the players need to be more accountable. More players than anyone else. They have the opportunity to change a play if they see something different on field.

A new show offer, anyone interested? Please read for details

Someone has offered me to air a weekly show. However the genre isn’t my norm. If there are listeners that like it and will listen, I’ll air it. Otherwise I see no sense in it.

Is there anyone interested In a blues show? The full show is 3 hrs but I have the option of running just one or two of the three 1 hr segments. What do you think?

Please reply below, all comments are anonymous (unless you choose to say who you are).

Thanks, D

When do you declare someone dead? Are they really dead?

Correct me if I am wrong (nicely please, lol), but I thought the brain was the main part of the body. It communicates to the rest of the parts to function. So if someone is deprived of oxygen to the brain, even for a few short moments, they are declared brain dead. How are the rest of the body parts functioning normally without the brain communicating? In this case, is someone really dead? What is the definition of dead? How can the brain be dead but not the rest of the body? Is the person really brain dead or just in a coma? When is someone really dead? When do you let go? Hard thing to go through.

This Robertson thing has gotten out of control, lol

I am probably gonna get a lot of slack for this, but hey, it’s my opinion and I believe in the first amendment….whether or not any of you agree or not with me. I have the right as much as you have to not agree. Ha!

This Phil Robertson suspension. It’s a grey area. There is the 1st amendment, he should have the right to say what he wants. However, I do not always agree with him. Actually most of the time. Ha! A lot of what he says and does, in my opinion, I feel is inappropriate and the way he treats some family members publicly shocks me. He is kinda strange. I see where Si gets his strangeness, lol. He is in the public eye, he represents the whole Robertson family, Duck Dynasty & the A & E Network. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little careful what he says and does and how he does it. It could reflect bad on others when it is just his opinion. May be seen as lack of respect for others. I dunno if the suspension was appropriate or not, but I don’t see him complaining; he wanted to get off the show eventually anyway. He has said it is time to hang it up and leave the show to the others, he has had enough of it. He wouldn’t be the only Robertson not on. Si’s wife and kids are not on, Alan and his family aren’t on. He recently made a few small appearances. Not all the grand kids are on.

Anyhow, either way, I like the goofy show, others are cool, I’ll keep watching it.