2/25/17 Playlist 

A Toi Me’Shen, Badmouth, Bleeder Ridge, Broken Romeo, Corners of Sanctuary, Happily Ever Blind, J.P. Krom, Last Approach, My Own Ghost, Nighon, Saille, The Tearaways


2/18/17 Playlist 

7 Roads South, Abandoned Souls, Against All Will, Counter Clock, Crucify The Faith, Dalton Cyr, Damnation Plan, Downfall 2012, Freedom Fuel, Mongrel, November, Voodoo Sex Cult

01/28/17 Playlist 

Angie & the Deserters, Chris Walker Band, Corners of Sanctuary, New Model Army, PhaZer, Riddiculas Trixx, Spaceship Days, Ric Zweig & Fresh Air, Satan Takes a holiday, The Scandal Hounds, The Spiritual Machines, The Vicious Head Society