SF 49ers & KC Chiefs make a trade

Apparently there was a trade yesterday & players are in their new homes today. Apparently there is something we don’t know, lol.

What does KC know about Baldwin that SF doesn’t and vice versa with Jenkins, what does SF know that KC doesn’t. Apparently previous homes were not happy with their player. 😳

What I do know is…Baldwin broke his thumb his rookie year at KC in a fight with a teammate. Hmmm! Is there am attitude problem? SF does not need inter-team fighting. Yeah he has 1 yr up on Jenkins with experience and has some good stats, but Jenkins I believe was not utilized by SF. How can he produce and prove himself if they don’t play him? Between last season and the two pre season games this season I think Jenkins saw 3 plays. WTF! SF invested a lot in him and they didn’t use him. Stupid. What is the reasoning with SF on that one?

See how good Baldwin does with SF this year & if they utilize him and I bet Jenkins is gonna explode at KC.


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